Wendy Truscott

Wendy Truscott has been inspired and shaped by Muskoka for seventy years, as a cottager and permanent resident. Most significantly, this is where she met her amazing husband. Muskoka’s rich history provides the setting for her two published novels, Haunted Journey and MacGregor’s Curse. A psychological thriller/romance with a Muskoka connection will soon be published.

A former teacher and Domestic Goddess (stay-at-home mom), Wendy discovered her creative side somewhat late in life. Always an avid reader, she has become equally passionate about writing and painting. A keen interest in genealogy led to writing extensive family histories, and a memoir-writing class resulted in her first novel and even some poetry. Two pieces are included in the Northern Ontario Poetry Collection 2015, and Muskoka Seniors magazine has published several articles. Among her memoirs, she enjoys including anecdotes of life experiences, often comical, which she hopes future generations will enjoy.

Website: www.wendytruscott.co
Twitter: LoonEcho@TruscottWendy