Wayne Walker is a retired educator living in Huntsville, Ontario working on completing his first novel. What started out as a bucket list item has become a three-year passion of learning about the writing of a reputable manuscript and the commercial writing processes in Canada. It has morphed into a challenge and a huge learning experience, teetering on the edge of succumbing to Indie publishing claims. At present, the uphill scaling of the national monopoly of retail publishers and their creative rejections of Wayne’s creative queries continues, fuelled by the growing insights of his self-editing efforts. And a dream he barely remembers of being published by someone who is actually interested in his work. What used to be a sincere effort to network a path into nepotism, has become a struggle to escape the sticky entrapment of a web with no direct connection to anyone very helpful with the logistics of traditional publishing. However, hope springs eternal in all artists, especially writers and, even though the odds of being successful are greater than winning lottery 649, his ‘Baby’, Follow the Silence, continues to mature and give him the same thing he gets when he purchases a lotto ticket— dreams.