Wayne Walker considers himself to be a clinical writing specialist, creatively focussing on the Canadian landscape and the diversity of voices that live in it. He writes in the Southern Ontario Gothic genre where he discovers many Romantic, deep thinking and sensitive characters and stories that could have happened in any neighbourhood that knows what “We The North” really means and who, in the process of the narratives they find themselves in, fight tirelessly to solve all the mystery that surrounds them. Their resolutions begin with solving the abstract horrors and mysteries within themselves. On the street however, he usually introduces himself as a retired High School senior English teacher or an accredited sommelier, two professions which have taken him all over Southern Ontario, the southern United States and The Caribbean.

His first work of fiction, Turn A Blind Eye, a story of homecoming, family curses, murder and love takes place in a fishing town on the North shore of Lake Erie. It has just completed its final author edit. He is working on his second novel which takes place in Port Renfrew B.C. entitled The Tree Spirit of Fairy Lake. As well he has a Christmas story that finds its way to forgiveness in the heart of Muskoka’s woodlands entitled The Three Marys of A Muskoka Christmas. Visit his website  at www.turnablindeye.net. This is linked to his Facebook and Twitter pages.