Michelle Vyn

Michelle grew up in the village of Komoka in Ontario, Canada, before moving to St. Thomas, Ontario for 20 years, where she married and had three children. She has fond memories of spending time in nature as a child and of sharing her love of nature with her children.

Since she was in her teens, Michelle has been interested in storytelling. It was not until her children became teens that she began thinking about publishing her writings. Many of her own backyard experiences come together in her recently self-published, “My Backyard Is Full of Life.” Other unique experiences have filled her currently unpublished memoirs. At present, she is working on the painted illustrations for her book, “Diving into Diversity: A Sea Turtle’s Plea,” which is not only a children’s picture book, but also an art book that will be used to promote awareness about neurodiversity (especially autism). Other works, written or in process, include fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry.

Michelle is also a professional artist working mainly in acrylic painting and mixed media, as well as drawing, sculpture, photography and handmade jewelry. Currently, she paints mostly wildlife and landscapes, and since 2015 has lived with her family of five in Bracebridge (Muskoka), Ontario.

Visit MichelleVyn.com for more information and updates about Michelle’s writing and art.