Jeffrey & Mindy helped pioneer and launch the natural bodybuilding and fitness model movements. They created events, expos, magazines, television shows and seminars around the world that inspired millions to take massive personal action and transform into the visual representation of their own superhero.

Through the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) and its FAME World Tour, they helped thousands of personal trainers, coaches, consultants, fitness models, athletes, magazines, businesses and companies in the fitness and wellness realms to build their brands and propel their careers forward. In fact, a niche market with unique products, philosophies and programs was created and still exists to this day.

Realizing that being fit goes beyond strength and appearance they set out on a mission to empower others to rethink fitness. That is because being FIT must include taking action for one’s mental, emotional, social, spiritual and functional selves too. Today, Mindy & Jeffrey are focusing on helping brands who wish to further this message and are currently overseeing the development of World Healing & Training Centers. With a focus on helping anyone self-love, and self-heal, their intention to raise the consciousness of society.

They are already working on the rest of the Serbinand series, books 2 – 9 as well as a Masterclass, book and certification course for Personal Trainers called Rethink Fitness. Their intention is to inspire people around the world through laughter, wellness and rethinking fitness.

Visit them online at: (Jeffrey) (Mindy)