Cindy grew up in Toronto’s West end, visiting Muskoka each summer. A surprise move north in her teen years found her living and attending high school in Muskoka. She has lived in small town, Ontario, in the woods, downtown Toronto and the GTA. She raised her daughter with her late husband in a cedar home he built in the woods and enjoys reading in her town garden in Muskoka.

Cindy enjoys sketching and painting with acrylics and exploring watercolours. As a youth she auditioned for and sang with The Elaine Lawrence Children’s Choir performing at Ontario Place and has taken part in improv. workshops at Second City and has been an extra in a film and tv production.

Cindy studied writing through courses with Hugh McLennan at George Brown College and other writing interest courses. She has written short stories and a eulogy. When she was ready to turn the book ideas she’s had over the years into written words she took part in a manuscript writing course with a mindfulness aspect. Her most current writing is a book about the resilience of a child and the survival of spirit and gratitude in the face of chaos and trauma. We see the child’s advocates and discover she has a guardian angel.

Other books she is working on include a humorous cottage read.