I am a proud member of Editors Canada and the Muskoka Authors Association. I have also successfully completed my Editors Canada Editing Essentials qualification. Additionally, my Bachelor of Arts in English, past experience as an English teacher, and current experience in freelance writing and editing has nurtured my love of language and my expertise.

My background in art and art education feeds my creative impulse. I have a thorough knowledge of grammar and various types of formatting and writing. I am also an avid reader, and freelance writing has given me the opportunity to delve into and research diverse stories and current events.

Along with extensive research and editing required for my freelance writing, I have edited academic works in the social sciences, medical sciences, humanities, and arts and have taught curricular writing and grammatical skills in diverse classroom settings. I have also worked with various authors editing their diverse manuscripts as they work toward publication.

Project management and coordination among multiple stakeholders is a constant in my work, and I excel in organization and management. I enjoy being challenged by material that matters, being pushed to understand the many sides of a story or event, and at times giving voice to the voiceless.

My task is to ensure editing excellence and accuracy, safeguarding your voice and your work’s integrity. I will bring my strong work ethic, creativity, and listening ear to our collaboration in your passion project.