Brian Garvey

Born in Manchester, England at the start of World War II, Brian grew up learning that hard work and a positive attitude were needed. He started on the factory floor, then into the entertainment and hospitality industries and landed landed in Toronto in 1970, working in Entertainment, Hospitality, Advertising, Marketing and finally, Publishing. Then in 1995, he founded The Perkolator, a publication with positive and entertaining messages. Now living in Bracebridge and writing from his years of experience, he published ‘Positively Speaking’ based on his popular weekly messages in The Perkolator and The Local Herald, a magazine published in North-West England. Through his company, he has published three other books and has added author and speaker to his list of accomplishments.

Writing Genre: Personal Development, Leadership and Management.

Current Projects: A new book on Personal development; a new venture into writing short story fiction. and