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MAA welcomes professional and aspiring writers (and everyone in between). Muskoka has a rich heritage in the arts and exceptional writers are a part of that. We pride ourselves on our mandate of authors helping authors. To that end, we bring in a great lineup up of acclaimed authors each month to give presentations and/or workshops on both the business and craft of writing.



As an organization created by writers, for writers, Muskoka Authors Association believes it should be our duty to help other writers flourish to their full potential. Not only do we bring in the best writers, publishers, and literary agents from across Canada, we also help each other. MAA takes pride in being a safe environment where both new and veteran writers can meet in a judgment-free zone. We take positive comments and light critiques from each other while encouraging each other to write to our best capabilities. MAA focuses on all writers as equals. Although we do celebrate when our writers become published, we also accept that some writers write for their friends, family, and future generations to read their stories. MAA encourages and welcomes anybody who feels a spark to write. Being able to see a community of writers grow while helping each other is our goal.



We attract high profile authors

Muskoka Authors Association prides itself on our fabulous programming. We attract high profile authors, literary agents and publishers from across Canada to come speak to our group, share their journey and provide valuable workshops (on both the business and craft of writing). Our regular meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month at the St. Thomas Anglican church in Bracebridge (4 Mary St.). Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

We also offer regular weekend workshops and special events. Please click the UPCOMING EVENTS button below to see the schedule of upcoming events and to register online. For more information, please contact David Bruce Patterson at david.patterson@alumni.utoronto.ca or 705-999-1313.

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Membership is $95 per year for adults; $50 for students. This includes attendance at all regular membership meetings (with acclaimed author and agent visits, etc); deep discounts on all workshops; significant savings for our North Words Literary Festival and discounts for other writing organization events. Please download and complete an application form and email it to info@muskokaauthors.ca. Payment can be made online by clicking on the buttons below. Alternatively, you can pay by cheque or cash at one of our monthly meetings or the completed membership and cheque can be mailed to: Muskoka Authors Association, c/o Cindy Watson at Watson Labour Law 58 Ontario St, Bracebridge, ON P1L 2A6.

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